Potty Racers Tricks

Potty Racers is a series of 5 disgustingly fun flash games! Each version of the game offers improved graphics, features, and more options in the coin shop. There are a few tricks you should know in order to play a successful game, and get the most enjoyment out of it. These tricks can be used on all or most of the versions available.

Be Patient

First and foremost, be patient when playing Potty Racers. This game is designed to allow you to play for a while. Earning enough coins by performing stunts and reaching the desired distance and height may take a few tries. Keep working at it, and improve your equipment for maximum performance.


What to Purchase

It is advised to purchase the wheels first. The wheels in all of the versions will help you gain more distance and height as you play. Your first upgrade purchase should be for your wheels. Not only are they typically the cheapest upgrade available, but they will help you advance which will allow you to earn more money over time.

The next upgrade you should consider is buying a trick. Tricks are a great way to increase your score, and fill your wallet early. This tip is only for the first version. The second through fifth version require you to purchase the engine, and/or all other vehicle parts before you can buy or use tricks. In this case, purchase the vehicle parts as quickly as you can, then begin working toward better stunts.

Once you have purchased your first set of wheels and a trick, you can continue on to upgrading other parts. It is suggested to upgrade your pipes/wings next. In the first version, your final purchase should be the engine and gas. Once you have the first set of the body complete, you can upgrade each part again until you have purchased everything in the shop. For the second through fifth versions, you will also need to purchase a tailfin before buying the engine.

You may purchase stunts periodically in Potty Racers 1, between each body part purchase, if you wish. However, in the other versions, you must completely build your potty-plane in order to perform stunts.



It is highly recommended that when you gain airtime, you perform as many stunts as possible before landing. Keep a close eye on how far in the air you are, and try to perform as many stunts as possible before you land. This will help to increase your score, as well as your money flow.

When you unlock new stunts, performing these stunts often offer you more money per performance. To increase your cash flow quickly, perform multiple stunts per round that provide the most money reward.

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