Potty Racers For Newbies

Potty Racers is a very successful game series. Millions of people around the world play these games, and I personally became addicted to them ! Each level contains different obstacles. While the first few levels are pretty easy, the following ones will be really challenging. You also have to collect special “coins”, and later on you will be able to use them in the shop. This way you will be able to upgrade your “flying machine” and achieve better results. If you never played these games, I recommend starting with potty racers 2. This game came out a long time ago – but still, it is very fun and it is great for newbies since it is easier than the other games.

potty racers

If you started playing, and don’t really know what to do – watch the following video, I am sure it will help you understand everything quickly. You can also read the user comments on our website – you can find some really good hints there.

On this website you can find the whole Potty Racers game series. If you like them – share the website with your friends so they can play it and enjoy as well. Come visit us again the future – we will update this website and add new Potty Racers games as soon as they come out.


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