Potty Racers 4 Walkthrough

Probably one of the most challenging versions in the series, Potty Racers 4 takes you on a world tour race! This game is set up very different from the previous versions, and the graphics are greatly improved, and there is a lot more you need to pay attention to.  However, this walkthrough should help you get a better grasp of the game, and lead you to victory.

One thing to remember, as with the other versions of Potty Racers, version four takes time and patience to advance through the levels.  You will need to play each country’s map multiple times to beat it and move on to the next one.

Step 1 – Learn the Odometer

The first thing you will notice when you begin playing Potty Racers 4 is the odometer feature. The very center of the odometer, the green liquid, is how much gas you have. Gas helps you fly further in the air, giving you more power and allowing you to travel longer distances to reach the end goal. Surrounding the gas meter is your speedometer. This tells you the speed at which you are travelling.

Try to reach maximum speed to extend the distance of your landing. On the bottom left, you will see stars that are greyed out. These stars indicate your advancement in the map. You collect the stars by passing specific goal points on the map. Each goal point is indicated at the bottom left corner of the coin shop screen. In addition, at the top right of the odometer, you will see greyed out circles.

These circles indicate the poo orbs you have collected. Once you purchase tricks, you will need to collect poo orbs during each round in order to perform the tricks.

Step 2 – Learn the Controls

If you’ve played the other versions of Potty Racers, you will quickly realize that the controls are very similar, if not the same, as the previous versions. The difference is in how well the vehicle controls. When you first start the game, you may notice that the potty vehicle moves easily when you touch the balancing buttons (left and right arrows). As you progress and upgrade your wheels and other parts, it becomes easier to control the vehicle.

Step 3 – Landing

Landing your racer can be a little tricky. While flying through the air, you may find you get better distance and aerodynamics with the vehicle tilted slightly toward the top of the screen. However, when it comes to landing, you need to be pretty precise. As your vehicle descends, try balancing the vehicle so that it is horizontal to the ground. Otherwise, it may plow through the ground, causing a crash and reducing your score – as well as the money you could earn.

Click Here to play Potty Racers 4

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