Potty Racers 1

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to attach wheels, an engine, and exhaust pipes to a Port-a-toilet? If so, you are not the only one.

The developers of Potty Racers has taken this disgustingly hilarious vision and created a masterpiece flash game for the entertainment of everyone. Here’s what Potty Racers has to offer.


To play the game, you must first learn the controls. The controls are very simple. Use your up arrow button to jump into the port-a-toilet while you are nearing the end of the slope. Then, use the left and right arrow buttons to balance it. Press any number button from 1 to 5 to perform a variety of stunts.

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Control Buttons:

  • Up arrow button – Jump into the toilet.
  • Right arrow button – Accelerate and balance potty
  • Left arrow button – Balance the toilet.
  • 1 to 5 arrow button – Perform stunts


There are four different maps available to play in Potty Racers. On each map, you objective is to reach the desired goal in order to move on to the next map.

Map 1 – Warm-up Hill – No prerequisite, open for all to play

Map 2 – Happy Hill – To unlock, need 1,000 max distance and 180 max height from Warm-up Hill.

Map 3 – Beach Cliff – To unlock, need 1,800 max distance and 450 max height from Happy Hill.

Map 4 – Blaster Hill – To unlock, need 2,800 max distance and 750 max height from Beach Cliff.

Now, just because you’ve unlocked the last map, the game isn’t over! In Map 4, in order to beat the game, you need to reach a maximum distance of 18,000 with 6,000 max height.



At the end of each round, your score is tallied. To determine your score, the game adds your total distance, height, points accrued per trick, landing points, and successful jump points together. The total score then becomes the amount of coins you have earned for that round. You can collect coins from round to round in order to save up for better equipment.


There are up to five different tricks you can perform to improve your score.

  • Single Handstand – 100 points
  • Back Flip with the Toilet– 200 points
  • Double-Handed Back Flip – 250 points
  • Jump ‘n’ Spin – 300 points
  • Hang Glider – 350 points

Use your number keys on your keyboard to perform these stunts. Remember, timing is everything!




Coin Shop

At the end of each round, you can open the Coin Shop to purchase upgrades for your toilet. Each upgrade improves different abilities. The Coin Shop is also where you purchase new stunts.

Upgrades to Purchase:

Choose between five types of wheels, five types of exhaust pipes, two turbo engines, three fuel tanks for the engines, and five stunts.

Remember to purchase these upgrades as early as possible to increase your score and move on to the next level.


Anyone looking for cheat codes for this game is in luck! There are cheat codes available all over the net that allow you to press a button to add more money to your bank roll, or press another button to refill your fuel tank.

For anyone who prefers not to cheat, but is struggling on a level, there are plenty of walkthrough videos available on YouTube for you to watch and learn how the masters completed each level.

Age Appropriate

Potty Racers is an interesting, fun, and disgustingly hilarious flash game. It does not contain any graphic images or adult language, which makes it suitable for children and adults. However, due to the multiple directions and keys that need to be used in order to play the game properly and with the most enjoyment, children under the age of 6 should play this game with an adult.

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