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Are you ready to participate in the annual porto-toilet racing tournament? Then, get started with the challenging and interesting Potty Racers 5 online game. Here are the important aspects of the game:

*Speed-O-Meter: It will display potty’s current speed. You can gather speed by gliding well.

*Poo Orbs: This will display the acquired Poo Orbs. You need to collect them to do the tricks.

*Stars: These are the goals that you have achieved in each level.

*Gas Tank: It displays the current gas levels. They are needed for rocket boost.

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So, let’s begin! The controls of the game are simple. You need to press the Spacebar to accelerate. The Left arrow key or ‘A’ key is to move your potty to the left. Use the Right arrow key or ‘D’ to move toilet to the right. You can try to earn all these upgrades while playing your favorite game:

*Bike Wheels: Minimal increase to launch speed.

*Wood Frame: It leads to very small increase to aerial max speed.

*Lumber Wings: Leads in slight increase to aerial lift.

*Dynamo: It is the cheapest engine that money can buy.

* Mini Gas Tank: This upgrade will provide extra gas capacity.

* Speed: It will increase cash in the air.

Your goals in the game are to grab the star at the St. Louis Arch, Washington Monument’s base, and Lady Liberty’s foot. In the beginning, you will be provided with three tricks. These are:

* Hand Stand: It requires one Poo Orb. You have to press 1 to do a handstand on top of the flying toilet.

* Superman: This trick requires 2 Poo Orbs. You need to press 2 to do a Superman on the toilet. It is quite a daredevil move but worth it.

* Dance: It requires 3 Poo Orbs. You have to press 3 to do the craziest and most viral dance move known to man-for now.


Potty Racers

The game is quite addictive and to make it more interesting, listed below are some tips that you could use:

* You should always refill your engine to go even farther.

* To complete a level you need to get to the finish line with all three stars.

* The red stick will get stuck to your face and slow you down. So, avoid that as much as possible.

* Collect more in-game currency so that you can purchase better upgrades.

* To do tricks and gain special abilities collect several Poo Orbs.

* Control your potty to maneuver in the air. Gain the speed when you descend and pull up to gain altitude.

* Purchase upgrades for improving the performance of your potty.

* Tricks will require the Poo Orbs to be activated. You can grab them when flying in the air.

* Performing a trick will give you a leg up when you need it, but you must purchase tricks before you can use them.

* Each trick has its own special effect that gives you a big boost when flying.

So, make use of these tricks and enjoy the game!

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