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If you are searching for a fun and interesting online racing game, then you should start playing the Potty Racers 3. It is a unique game that combines toilet humor with extreme sports. The game can be enjoyed by adults as well as kids. In this game, you need to upgrade your flying toilet and make it an amazing flying machine.

The controls of the game are simple. You need to press the Right arrow key for pushing your potty down the hill. Balancing the toilet can be done by using the Left and Right arrow keys. The Up and Down arrow keys can be used to retract/deploy wheels. The spacebar is to be used for the engine; once it is purchased.


Monkey Go Happy 7

Monkey Go Happy 7

Earn to die 4

Earn to die 4

Snail Bob 5

Snail Bob 5

There are eight missions available in the game but only the first one is unlocked. The rest are locked and will get unlocked as you keep progressing in the game. When you earn enough game money in each level, then you can buy the upgrades. Some of the upgrades available in the game are:

*Speed: It will make your take-off speed faster so that you can reach more distance.

*Runway: With this, your runway will become smoother so that you can jump higher.

*Stars Frequency: It will increase the probability of the stars appearing.

*Super Rocket Engine: You can strap this upgrade into your toilet and zoom high into the skies.

*Rocket Pod: It will provide a sudden boost of speed upon take-off.

* Inflator: This will make you bounce and ride over the water to gain more distance.

* Fire Boost: Fire and potty filled with crappy fumes will provide instant boost. This upgrade will increase the boost power by level.

* Fuel Tank: It will increase the size of the fuel tank and let you hold more fuel. However, to make this upgrade useful you will require an engine, which can be purchased from the scrap yard.

* Triple Exp Stars: This star upgrade will give you 3x Exp. You can increase the probability of appearance by leveling it up.

* Bulldozer: It will instantly clear the runway for all missions. This upgrade is a great investment if you can afford it.

Potty airplane

You can even share your potty bonus with your friends by clicking the ‘share bonus’ icon. You can buy several items from the scrap yard like the rudders, elevators, engine, and wings. Ensure that you purchase a fuel tank for your engine. Once you have finished purchasing all plane parts, you can perform tricks. Some of these tricks are:

* Loop Maneuver: The toilet flies a complete circle.

* Double Loop Maneuver: Potty flies two complete circles.

* Inverted Flight: Flies upside down for a few seconds.

* Cuban Eight: Toilet flies a figure 8.

* Barrel Roll: Toilet flies and rolls the plane two times.

* Standing Ovation: It is a total display of acrobatic and balance. This is the ultimate trick of all.

You will be scored on the basis of distance covered, height, tricks, landing, and potty money earned at every level. So, start playing now to know how far you can fly!






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